Our 90-minute social well-being and team-building sessions for employees at your office/location will help your colleagues develop positive, meaningful relationships at work and in life in general.

6-10 participants

Our training session, ideal for groups of up to 10 participants, is a series of interactive workshops & games facilitated by one or two of our instructors.

At your location

It takes place in a meeting room, or any quiet space at your premises that sits all participants. Or, at an alternative location of your choice.

Tailored Focus

In addition to social well-being, we are happy to tailor our sessions towards team-building, mental health, positive communication and other topics.

90 minutes as standard

Our standard session is 1.5 hours or 2 hours long, but we can offer longer sessions, up to 4 hours, if required.

Work or play –
always better
in good company,

Although Positive Ripples Limited was first launched in 2023, our expertise and methodology derive from an experience that spans 25 years.

It taught us first-hand that social well-being issues arise in every workplace and are, more often than not, overlooked!

Feeling the genuine need for improvement and following academic studies in Group Facilitation, we formed this company to offer employee training programmes that combine our practical experience with science.

Operating from Southampton, Hampshire, we serve mainly South East, South West of England and London, but are happy to travel further afield.

We hope you too will feel the benefits of our method in your workplace, and see the positive ripple effect reach well beyond it!

We all really enjoyed the social well-being session that Boris did for us as part of our team day. It made us all think slightly differently and made us reflect and be more aware of ourselves and how we interact and may be perceived by others. It would be great to experience the team work session that Positive Ripples also provide.

Brooke, Senior Nurse, NHS, Southampton

As part of our Team Day, we ordered a 3-hour team-building session from Positive Ripples for 20 members of our staff – many thanks to Boris and his team for making it a fun, memorable and meaningful experience.

Maria, Head Of People, PACHAMAMA GROUP, London

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